Glossary for

“The Letter Y Song”


Definition: When dogs yap, they make a short, loud bark with a high sound.

Sentence: Yogi was a yapping dog who would yap-yap loud and hard.


Definition: Yip-yap is a made-up word for a noise a dog might make.

Sentence: Yogi yip-yapped in the house, and he yip-yapped in the yard.


Definition: When people yodel, they sing in a special way that makes their voices go very high and then low, over and over very quickly.

Sentence: Yolanda had a yellow bird who would yodel her a song.


Definition: Yogurt is a smooth, creamy food that is made from milk. It comes in many different flavors and is usually eaten with a spoon.

Sentence: When Yolanda fed him yogurt, the bird yodeled all day long!